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Colorful Amenities

Life can be a trip when its rainbow colored.

Designed specifically for you:  couple’s coaching, coming out support, & identity development support. Whether you are fem or masculine identified, PYC recognizes the incredible need to foster a support system that suits your specific lifestyle. We can provide professional mediation in your relationship, help you plan a future with your partner or navigate your professional life.

Work with someone who understands!

LGBTQ Coaching

Sometimes it feels like you're in your own world surrounded by a bunch of people who have no idea what you see, hear or experience daily. Try figuring out how to navigate the corporate world as an out Lesbian. There are trials. What about college? Maybe you just need a safe space to really figure out who you are and how you fit into the community.


PYC offers coaching and mentoring to help navigate the special situations in your life. From coming out to your family to being an out professinal there is someone who has already found success through your struggle. Mentors are especially important for marginalized communities and the right one can totally change your life. Get in touch with someone who knows your struggle because they have alredy lived through it. Identity development is personal, spiritual and professional. 


Sign up for a 1:1 session and see how PYC can help you tap into your best self.

(We do couple's coaching too!)

Philosophically Speaking: Real Words. Real Writing.


Very little LGBTQ writing online combines the motivational aspect of coaching with day to day cultural concerns. Shefeelosophically hits many major themes of life all in one place. From the crazy antics of Adande's alter-ego to inspirational commentary about life, check out the blog that has just enough of everything.

Check for your favorite people in the spotlight Section!


We've got the stuff you want the way you want it.

Plus AAA: Ask Adande Anything

From advice to political commentary, Adande's muses hit the heart of readers with real talk and real words.


Been thinking about what to do in your situation? Need an objective opinion? Want insightful thoughts or guidance...Ask Adande Anything

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