It's your job to do the work; it's MY job to help you see infinite possibilities!

Do Good Women Make Good Wives?
  • Everything you didn't learn about marriage!

  • How to temper your Independent Spirit for the betterment of your relationship.

  • Seeking authentic compatibility

  • Dismantling the Fairy Tales

  • Kink is not a four letter word!

  • Setting Boundaries & Safe Words

  • What comes first: love sex of intimacy?

Get What You Need
In & Out of Bed
  • Self- Love Meditation

  • Getting Beyond the Hurt

  • Safe Vulnerability

  • Keys to Your Magnetic Self

  • Matching your eye shadow to your mood!

Love Yourself Better


Emerging Women Series

A collection my most requested workshops!

We get down to the business of growth, one step at a time. Choose one topic or a combination of many for your group and FEEL the experience.

Whether you Attend a Workshop or Host a Workshop you are guaranteed to have an Amazing time!

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Straight No Chaser

As an educational program developer, I've worked for years creating empowerment programs and workshops for young adults, women and the LGBTQ community. I shoot from the hip, with mindfulness and genuine intentions. The goal is character development and growth requires a safe space. I'm honored you've chosen to take this journey with me. I can make the hard work seem easy...

Work With Me


>   Passion & Progress

​>   Self-Improvement

​>   Decision Making/Life Direction

​>   Relationship Goal Setting

​>   Empowerment Workshops

​>   Motivation & Skill Identification

​>   LGBTQ Support

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