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Lotus in Bloom

When God Says Go...

7 Women. 7 Weeks. 7 Wonders.

A Spiritual Coaching Journey

This is a Pilgrimiage through Self-Awareness towards Unspeakable Joy...

Lotus Flower


e·mer·gence / əˈmərjəns/

(noun) The process of coming into BEING or view after being concealed; refers to the existence or formation of collective behaviors — what parts of a system do together that they would not do alone

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Healing is a journey paved with wondrous lessons, and yet sometimes the noise of this world is too loud to decipher your own Spirit Voice.


When God says Go... is all about the emergence of our next highest self. The seeing, hearing, and allowing of Divine energies to guide our formation.


This 7 week pilgrimage of 7 women will explore 7 postures of the spirit on the road to regeneration.


With individual work and communal support, this workshop styled group feels more like a fireside sister chat than anything.

Women on the Beach

WGSG Program

This is the Program. 

7 weeks + an Introduction

Virtual Sessions & Group Work

Two 1:1 coaching sessions.


Friendly Meeting

Program Plus+

This is the Program Plus Stuff:

FIVE additional 1:1 coaching sessions

Plus-individualized exercises for focused goal attainment


Image by Anna Sushok

Program Specifics


Fall Journey

  • August 26th - October 14th 

New Year Journey

  • November 18th - January 13th 


Session Times

  • Primary Session: 9am - 10:30am PT/ 11am-12:30pm CT

  • Overflow Session*: 12pm-1:30pm PT/ 2pm-3:3-pm CT​​

Location & Materials

  • Virtual sessions via Zoom

  • Materials housed on Google Classroom

What's the catch? There isn't one!

Bring your heart & yourself to the table.

That's it. That's the catch.

​Journey Specifics

  • Weekly Group Sessions (90 mins)

  • 2 one-on-one sessions (30 mins/each)

  • Online & Printable Materials 

  • Weekly Feedback

  • Individual Coaching Add-on ($785 value)

  • A one time LOW PRICE!!


Seriously, this Program is 7 weeks of coaching for the cost of ONE individual session!


WHY? Good question... if you've read this far you already know the reason, BUT if you're not yet convinced to join this amazing opportunity, schedule a call with me and lets discuss the resistance.


Is this for you?? (probably, but keep reading)

Join us if you say YES to more than one of the following...

  • Do you desire more time to hear DIVINE messages?

  • Could you use some accountability and sister-girl affirmation in your life?

  • Are you tired of "self-help" and need real action steps?

  • Do you desire to experience more pleasure & contentment in life?

  • Do you need a safe space to do some deep self/life-evaluation?

  • Are you ready to cultivate a shift in the "right now" of your life?

  • Do you like to talk *ish and laugh?

  • Do you desire support in your growth and healing?​​

  • Are you curious about 1:1 coaching?

Image by Joel Muniz

 Referral Program

It's Better Together...


Tell a Friend and Receive:

$10 CASH GIFT for every person that joins the WGSG Program

$20 if they select Program Plus

You don't even have to participate!

...but we think it's better with a friend!


Super Easy: sign up as a reference person & make sure everyone you invite lists your name on their Emergence Form.


No Spam. No Sales Emails. It's really this easy.

White Sand and Stone
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Who is Adande?
Founder & Director of empowerSHE Network

I curate safe spaces for people to move through transitions and transformations with purpose, in purpose & on purpose.


Program Architect • Community Healing • Organizational Consulting
Emergence Coaching: Individual, Group, Couples
Spiritual/Sacred Space Holding
Event/ Retreat Development

Empowerment Program Curation
Community Healing
Change Management
Diversity & Belonging
Capacity & Efficiency Building


Lover of God Sex & Spirits
Leader of Gin & Jesus Theological Study
Believer in Affirming God-Talk
Transformative Theologian
Believer in God with a New Age/Deconstructed Christian Twist

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