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Pride & the Porcupine

Once upon a time in all of our lives, the emotionally promiscuous Ego walks boldly in front of our spirits like a mischievous shadow run amuck. Cloaked in the finest garment of pride— the Ego stakes out situations in our lives for the prime opportunity to well—ruin everything! Yes, the ego has it’s good points—it prepares us to fight or defend ourselves. It keeps a bottle of adrenaline on deck just in case we need to fake it through a troubling situation. It is designed to help protect our spirit. The problem is that pride cloak is wears. See, pride is made like silk and the Ego is a porcupine. See the problem? Follow me.

Silk is beautiful and soft and colorful (think your closet in the 90s). Worn correctly it is flattering on everyone and feels so, So, SO good against the skin. Only, it doesn’t offer much protection from the elements—too thin to keep cold out and doesn’t breathe in heat—it just, ummm looks real good. Much like our Pride, one wrong move and everything about it is ruined. Snagged and holed, ripped and run, ironed and burned, washed and damaged. Pride is also destroyed easily because it does not hold up to the elements. Not fear, anger, ridicule, criticism, or any amount of emotional pain—Pride will quiver and crack under pressure.

Yet, pride is what the Ego uses for it’s protection. See, Ego is bold and courageous; a thrill seeker, a risk taker; a warrior—Ego is also STUPID! It’s like that child that won’t stop climbing in the kitchen cabinets until the pain sets in after something heavy falls on its head—healthy curiosity, but poor planning. And don’t forget: the Ego is a porcupine and Pride is it's bitch. Used to disguise the Ego's immature and fearful nature.

See, porcupines draw their quills at the perception of imminent danger—Hear that. Danger does not have to be real, only perceived and the porcupine is ready to strike anything in its way. Ego does this too—a roll of the eye, sarcastic tongue, or that “get them before they get you” mentality. When Ego thinks that something hurtful could possible occur, out comes the quills! But what does that destroy first? Yup, that beautiful pride cloak it wears for protection—see? Not so smart, huh?

Pride is not a suit of armor.

It must be worn and tended to with care. Being sure not to puncture it's delicate nature will ensure we always look beautiful. Pride can not protect us from danger anymore than silk will protect us from the wind. It only serves to remind us how not to be so quick to destroy others—lest we do the same to ourselves in the process. But, instead of realizing the deep sensitivity of our own pride—we blame the elements for “making our quills come forth”. We let our pride get in the way of doing the right thing and making the right decision because we forget its made of silk! Then when our Ego’s gets defensive, those sharp quills destroy us and other people too. When in fact, wearing our Pride and being all beautiful is supposed to remind us not to release the quills. It's supposed to remind us how childlike our Ego can be. Our pride should serve us, not defend us.

The word "pride" is often aligned with words like: satisfaction, self-worth, honor, self-respect, delight and self-regard. However "ego" has always meant: a person’s sense of self-value. Ego is the part of your mind that tests reality in order to re-affirm worth. So when your quills are ready to come out—ready to cause harm to any and everything you think might possibly be coming to harm you… Think again and check your ego. It’s the only way to really preserve that beautiful pride you have.


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